"I grew up with the smell of the lake and the feeling of the woods." - Steven Tyler

Whole Health TC

WEBSITE: www.wholehealthtc.com

ADDRESS:  3639 Cass Rd. • Traverse City, MI 49684

PHONE:  (231) 946-4325

EMAIL:  info@wholehealthtc.com

ABOUT:  Whole Health Traverse City is a diverse mix of holistic health care professionals dedicated to helping people of all ages live joyful, healthy and inspired lives. We believe that food is foundational medicine and have nutrition experts on hand to help identify which foods will best nourish and provide you with optimum energy. We also have an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, bodyworkers, a massage therapist, a counselor, a coach, qigong teachers, and energy workers. Our spectrum of healing approaches is broad, yet we share a common approach that emphasizes prevention. We’ve also seen that addressing root causes is far more effective than just treating symptoms.